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Reviews for Yakovac Family/Sports Chiropractic Center

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Yakovac Family/Sports Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Dr. Bob Yakovac

I Got My Appointment The Same Day

I was referred here by a family member and I’m glad I was! Both Dr. Bob and Lisa were so helpful! I got an appointment the same day and will continue to go here as I have hope now that this pain I have been dealing with can be helped! It has already started to help and I have only been there a couple of times! Thank you!

˜Denise S.

You Get More Than Just Treatment

Dr. Yakovac & Tammy are amazing! The office feels more like you’re visiting a friend, there are impressive pictures all over. Tammy is very warm, inviting, courteous, and helpful. Dr. Yakovac superpower is his knowledge, he’s a big tall man, but gentle, experienced, kind, and most importantly knowledgeable. You get more than just treatment. He educates you on health not just for treatment, but for life. Signed a forever client.

˜Davonna J.

I Have Complete Confidence

As a first time patient, they got me in the first time I called – very nice and empathetic staff! Dr. Yakovac is very skillful and I have complete confidence in his treatment plan – he really sees to care about his patients!! Thank you!!

˜Christy L.

Have Complete Faith

I have complete faith in Dr. Yakovac to cure my injuries. I have multiple injuries throughout my body that most people would see several doctors for. Thanks to the doctor and staff.

˜Charlene H.

Wonderful and Warm

I had called two others offices and the people who answered phone at those practices were not helpful, kind or professional. When I called and spoke to Aliza I felt I was making the right choice in coming to this office. First impressions mean so much and even over the phone she gives a wonderful and warm impression of your office.

˜ Theresa P.

Can’t Wait ‘Til My Next Appointment

I was very impressed with Dr Bob. He was a very big man as I expected from seeing his pictures but his genteel manner and kindness were much more than I had expected. I hope that we will have a very successful relationship. Can’t wait ’til my next appointment. Feeling better after only my first treatment. Thank you Dr Bob.

˜ Joan D.

So Happy With the Care

I live about 25 miles away and was initially concerned about the drive. I was so happy with the care, attention and pain relief I received that its well worth the drive!

˜ F.R.

Made Me Feel Much Calmer

Experiencing so many symptoms and being so frightened…The staff and Doctor made me feel so much calmer. I would refer this practice ad Doctor to everyone ! fact I already have!

˜ Kris B.

Excellent Care

Dr. Yackovac inspired me to become involved in chiropractic care over 25 years ago! I recently moved back to Pittsburgh and immediately sought his excellent care. I am very pleased with how good I feel!

˜ Lisa B

Helped My Tracking Issue

Reading is easy for most elementary school students. As a child, you would take pride in showing your accomplishment to your parents and get credit for your good work. However, I was one of the very few that struggled and could not keep up with the rest of my class. Being so young at the time, I could not tell the difference between what was wrong and right. Looking back, I distinctly remember my elementary and middle school experiences as endlessly being pulled out of class to see a special doctor who would examine my reading ability. It was so humiliating at the time, especially when others read books for English with such ease. It seemed so easy for other people to read chapters for English without their eyes getting watery or having a feeling like they are being squeezed after just ten minutes of reading. A three chapter reading would take most students thirty minutes, while I would continue reading for the next hour or so. It was a never-ending battle.
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I remember being embarrassed when classmates would stare at me as I left the classroom for my weekly reading lessons. I never wanted this extra attention. This continued into middle school and part of high school. After many doctor and eye appointments, it was finally discovered that my eyes were not tracking effectively across text. My learning support teacher recommended calling a specialist, which was discouraging because I wanted to move on from this problem while I entered high school. I had a disability with reading that I never understood until my senior year. I started seeing a reading specialist one to two times a week outside of school. In addition to seeing a specialist, I began computer exercises with plastic eyeglasses that use red and blue lenses to strengthen my eye muscles.

These appointments helped me catch up to the same reading ability as my peers. At the end of junior year, I finished with a B+ in English while reading novels such as Of Mice and Men, The Catcher In The Rye, and The Great Gatsby. I worked vigorously outside of the classroom to catch up in class. Before we started The Great Gatsby, I read Winter Dreams; a story comparable to the The Great Gatsby to make sure that I would be capable of understanding the assigned novel better. I had to put extra effort into assignments in order to reach a similar, if not greater, ability that my peers were capable of reaching. This has made high school very challenging. At times, my vision setback was very frustrating because it required great amounts of time and although my life would be much easier without the disability, putting in the extra efforts throughout high school has helped lay the path of my abilities to succeed in the future.

Throughout all of the struggles, I have been able to maintain a good attitude and a positive outlook on life. I have encountered many difficulties with this disability in my life, but have managed to survive. In fact, my disability has brought out my best qualities over time, and I am thankful for that. Being a nice person is important to me because I like to connect with other people. A simple visit to the chiropractor for my sprained ankle senior year has changed my life for the better. The chiropractor noticed my tracking issue and immediately fixed it by simply adjusting the muscles around my eyes while simultaneously putting pressure around my eyelids. My eyes have never felt more relaxed. Who would have known that one visit could change me? I fortunately do not get headaches anymore while reading or studying. A simple visit to the chiropractor would have helped me avoid the problems I encountered throughout my academic career. However, without this hardship, I would not be where I am today. I am very proud of the person I have become, and because of that, I would never change what happened. It has shaped me differently from others because I it was given me a unique perspective and I am proud to be who I have become.

˜ Sarah R.

Impressed With Experience

I was so impressed with the totally professional experience. Dr. Bob relieved so much of my discomfort and pains on the first visit and even more relief was felt after the second appointment. His knowledge is impressive and his desire to help me is real. I have confidence that my problems with both shoulders will be alleviated by following the directions and staying with the course for healing. After two visits, my health is visibly better. I am so pleased with this treatment. Thank You!

˜ Russell E.

Positive Experience

I came into the appointment with no particular expectations. I was impressed with the advanced answers I received through conversation with Dr. Bob. The alignment and treatment were a positive experience, as was the advice I received on how to best remedy the issue that caused my visit.

˜ Steven E.

Feeling Better After First Adjustment

This is my first time at a chiropractic office, and I was a bit nervous about this visit. Your office and staff were warm, welcoming and put me at ease immediately. I am excited about this new journey for my health! I feel better after my first adjustment and am hopeful for the future.

˜ Catherine G.